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Welcome in the website of the Court of Palmi

The website of the Court of Palmi is temporarily operative in an experimental way, advices on contents from users are appreciated and have to be addressed to [email protected] for an improvement of the public information contained.


Civil Court – branch/offices of Roma Street



Criminal Court – branch/offices of Amendola Square



Court of Palmi: Fiscal Code 82001700804

Index of Public Administrations Code (IPA) LI0ML0 for working office costs – IPA Code OECO37 for justice costs

Offices of the Administrative and Civil sectors – Roma Street, 28 – 89015 Palmi

Telephone number: exchange 0966/4169

E-mail: [email protected]

Certified e-mail only for administration deeds: [email protected]

N.B. Use only certified e-mail of the civil and penal sections to send records of a trial


News and Public Notice  

31/10/2017     Accredited Conference 11.11.2017 Association of Lawyers of Palmi

                     “Justice and peace have kissed each other…” remembering Rosario Livatino

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31/10/2017     Accredited Conference 4.11.2017 Association of Lawyers of Palmi

                     “What way to end Life” – medial-scientific, legal and moral aspects

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18/09/2017     Abstention from single hearing of the honorary magistrate and of all the linked categories

           Abstention of the proclaimed Honorary Judges of the Court with possible inconvenience for users from 2 to 6 October of the current year

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07/09/2017     Notice of restoration of the function of the data service

                     Internet of the Court of Palmi, offices of Roma Street, works again

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06/09/2017     Notice of interruption of Internet service in the offices of the Civil Court of Palmi

Today, 6 September 2017, the offices of the Court of Palmi in Roma Street are not reachable through Internet.

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Best Practices Project





Notices to the Court


Indictment of the civil hearing honorary judge of Court DOMIICI of 9.6.2017

Indictment of the collective civil hearing of 9.6.2017


Use of online tools in the online civil trial

Dear Professionals are asked, as external authorized users in the online civil trial, please to use preferably the online tool to register deeds and documents, even if to this day the usual paper procedure in the work and welfare process and in the that of civil execution is legitimately optional. Moreover, with computer dematerialisation, as well as the environment takes advantage, working hours are considerably reduced, and consequently the steps to follow, and the overall costs of trial management are limited, thanks to data transmission the civil chancellor’s office is free from many material imminent, improving the effectiveness and the quality of the services for the users.

Sure of kind availability, we thank you for the usual and precious attention you will assure.


Trial records of part

Dear Lawyers are warned that, in the civil and work chancellor’s office, are available trial records of part relating to cases resolved from over thirty years and that they are asked to pick them up as soon as possible for a logistic reason of the Court, directed to the finding of more functional working rooms in the interests of the users.

We thank you.



Office for public relations

Public Service

Office for public relations

Waiting for the establishment of the organisational unit “Public Relations”, the administrative management of the Court practises the job (e-mail [email protected])


Public opening times

Chancellor’s offices open to public:

From Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 12.30;

Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30, as well as the working day of the patron saint, the 6th of December,  only for the functional deeds and important job, in particular:

for penal sector: summary trials, file of contesting deeds and other important activities of the hearing sector, the validation hearings of the Judge for Preliminary Investigations, as well activities related to his injunction and that are important;

for civil sector: commitment of deeds with backwards deadline, negative appeal decree of  foreign expulsion;

voluntary jurisdiction: urgent deeds (for ex. authorization for medical operation for minors and/or interdicted people), necessary health treatment.

During opening hours, all services are guaranteed to public, and in particular:

vision of deeds;

application for issue of copies of civil and penal deeds;

certifications attesting the tax roll and the passage in final judgment of injunctions;

certifications related to insolvency procedures;

appeal deposit, request and release of copies of voluntary jurisdiction.

The president of the Court receives lawyers and public on Thursday from 9.00 to 11.00 and the second and forth Monday of the month from 9.00 to 11.00.

The administrative executive receives public from 9.30 to 11.30, preferably upon e-mail to [email protected], stating the address and the reason of the meeting, so that the needed information are opportunely received.

 The starting hour of the single penal and civil hearings is at 9.00.